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KW Forester was born in the 1990s to address the needs of companies that wanted to establish factories abroad or that required help in dealing with commercial affairs with foreign states.

Internationalization as a strategic choice often became a must for companies wanting to grow, improve and assert themselves in the new competitive scene.

KW Forester is now an independent advisory firm, operating with almost 20 senior advisors and serving all corporate needs in internationalization and financial matters.

Our worldwide network is made up of offices in the USA (New Jersey and Delaware), Argentina (Buenos Aires), and Chile (Santiago) as well as in Tunisia (Tunis).

In 2008 we finalized a collaboration agreement with SCInternational, an Italian advisory firm that allows us to also be present in Italy, Ukraine, Romania and Croatia.

We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services to the companies for which we follow the start up in these foreign countries, thereby ensuring them of all the same services that they are accustomed to at home.




Advisory support in the process of internationalization of your company


During the process of internationalization, we look after any and all company problems and lead the way through all the steps of:

  • International Commerce

We provide services in all fields of consulting, whether they are related to customs issues, market analysis or research of partners. We also deal with matters involving international contracts, transportation issues and insurance policies with particular emphasis also being given to the international systems of payment and documentary credits.

  • Investments Abroad


We provide services than span from the start-up of a business, through the varying decision-making stages, as well as the preparation and implementation of feasibility studies, the development of the necessary procedures for the access to financial programs or facilities, right up to the day-by-day bookkeeping and fiscal management thereby allowing for a consolidation of the enterprise abroad within an overall project management outlook.

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