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Investments and Joint-Ventures

The services that we offer in the areas of investments and j-v are as follows:


  • Market Research, Country Studies 

Our market research is carried out in accordance with the specific needs of the mother company. This is handled with the support of our organization and/or our referred foreign professionals, by means of a report on the business sector situation (listing such things as local products, presence of foreign companies, competitive organization, etc. and any further information required or useful for the company). The foreign country market studies are aimed at acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the local norms involving corporate, fiscal, customs and trade policies, as well as providing a reference economic outlook.


  • Feasibility Studies and Business Planning

We carry out studies that touch upon the juridical, economics, markets and technical aspects that aim at highlighting any point of critical importance and overall sustainability.

Business plans regarding investments or entrepreneurial initiatives with economic and financial projections and detailed analysis of the costs and pay-offs to determine overall business profitability.


  • Assistance in the Set Up of Joint Ventures or Foreign Companies relating to the Areas of Technical, Production and Sale Cooperation

Set up of contractual or corporate joint ventures: filing of the Equity Joint Venture Contract and of the Articles of Association.

Set up of foreign companies: assistance in the preparation of the preliminary evaluation and set up of the Joint Venture with foreign partners, as well as dealing with relative duties, the preparation of the necessary documentation required to set up a company in accordance with the rules/regulations of the Foreign Trade Code.


  • Research into Investment Opportunities

Analysis of business opportunities within the foreign territory; identification of privatization opportunities; gathering of business sector information as well as relating to companies already present; comparison and analysis of the needs of the requesting company; identification of the most interesting sectors and the country opportunities.


  • Project Management

Planning and management activities of a project, coordination of all the resources involved in reaching the objectives set forth in terms of fulfillment of planned times and costs and of fulfillment of the requirements.


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