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International Trade

KW Forester is able to assist companies and guide them through international markets providing personalized consulting and assistance regarding different aspects of foreign trade, covering those related to customs, market analysis and business partner research, as well as to the formulation of international contracts, as well as transportation and insurance methodology.


Our services in the area of international trade are:

  • Market Analysis and Trade Partner Research


  • Information relating to International Trade Opportunities


  • Assistance for Legal, Tax and International Trade Related Issues

The international purchase and sale of material, products and machinery; trade and agency intermediation; international litigation procedures and arbitration; contracts and subcontracts; international licensing of patents, trademarks and know how; protection of industrial property; franchising; factoring and credit collection; compliance with the community standards with regards to competition, free circulation of goods and product liability.


  • Assistance in Fulfilment of Customs, Tax, Transportation and International Payments

Commercial sales terms (Incoterms); forwarding agent, transporter (including related liability issues); shipping documents; the importance of insurance coverage for the transportation of goods; warrantees; infra-EU Community assignment and purchases; infra-EU Community manufacturing; the role of the Community Identifier Code.


  • Credit Risk Management

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