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International Tax Law

The KW Forester team of professionals, experts in international tax law, in collaboration with our network, provides services of assistance in the area of international tax law, whether in the field of direct taxes, VAT and/or other indirect taxes, with the purpose of providing integrated international tax planning solutions (holding or trading companies, financial organisations, etc.), in compliance with the legal and fiscal requirements of the single foreign countries, optimizing the opportunities provided by the various country jurisdictions.


The Services Provided in the Area of International Taxation:

  • International Tax Planning

Complete assistance in the area of international tax law relating to direct taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes; tax planning advice and solutions that are in accordance with current tax and legal standards in force in the individual EU and non-EU countries, with particular reference to the issues regarding the application of international double taxation agreements and the discipline imposed upon companies located in fiscal paradises. 


  • Corporate Tax

Services of ordinary and extraordinary tax consulting regarding business income for operations involving the re-organization and re-structuring of corporate groups or of international planning for the creation or rationalization of foreign entities; always according special attention to the potential elusive profile of such operations. Particular care is given to the analysis of benefits, incentives and facilitations allowed by the national and international jurisdiction as well as the optimal management of the corporate financial tax system.


  • Transfer Pricing

Analysis of tax profiles relating to the sale of assets or the performance of intergroup services in accordance with the principles ruling transfer pricing, including within specific sectors (determination of transfer prices); as well as the arrangement of transaction documentation in compliance with the current norms in force in different jurisdictions; as well as the planning of the transnational income flows (planning of group policies).


  • Trust Services

Consulting services for the identification of the most efficient tools related to the entrusting, management and control of equities and assets.


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