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Any company operating internationally must bear a great expenditure of financial resources that go beyond those linked solely to staying ahead of the trade and political risks that are the natural consequences of dealing with new and far-away customers, especially when in markets with different rules and traditions.


Fortunately, companies today have many options to be able to obtain the necessary economic resources required to support and develop their investments and to protect their businesses against risks which they are continually confronted by, whether they be related trade, politics or currency fluctuations.


KW Forester has developed distinctive skills and specific and exclusive experience in many of the intervention areas of facilitated finance, with particular emphasis in facilitating instruments linked to Structural Funds, to projects of Research & Development and to those linked to Processes of Internationalization produced at national and community levels.


Further to financial supports, the entrepreneur facing foreign markets may also use different insurance tools that allow either annulling or reducing to the minimum the trade or political risks linked to the export of products abroad.


To sum up, the assistance services we offer include:

  • Information services aimed at updating the news concerning the facilitating instruments;
  • Identification and selection of ordinary, extraordinary and facilitated financial instruments, both national and international;
  • Research, selection, evaluation of sources of financing:
  • Assistance for the preparation of projects;
  • Assistance for administrative reporting;
  • Management of the relationship and communication with the Institutes / Authorities in charge.


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